Exmoor Walks - Photo by Guy Harrop
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Exmoor Walks
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Clannon Ball - Exmoor Walks About Myself
Since I am inviting you to use my guiding services I feel I should tell you something about myself. I am a local man in my fifties, and my favourite occupation is to lead walkers across Exmoor, using footpaths, bridleways and access land, sharing knowledge of subjects as they arise naturally; this, I am told, is what I am best at. I admit to loving this place: I grew up on a farm near here and came to Exmoor to stay with my Aunt and Uncle when I was twelve. The beauty of the heather and gorse-clad hills, the secretive combes, the wild red deer and the ancient remains of peoples long forgotten aroused a fascination that has never left me.

This is one of Britain's smaller National Parks but I have walked and studied the area over many years, and continue to do so: nobody knows it all! I have an Honours Degree in countryside management, First Aid and navigation skills of course, and have just completed and passed a City and Guilds Teaching Course. My intention in all of this is to give my clients the best possible service and to enjoy doing it!

Who are my clients?
I am engaged by individuals, groups of ramblers and friends, hotels and holiday companies, anyone in fact who wants me to help them or others make the best, most enjoyable use of their time here on Exmoor. I have given educational walks for a University and others, and recently guided a 'hen party' of ladies who were spending the weekend celebrating with the bride-to-be; that was good fun, and what a good idea, having a weekend away together and doing something completely different!

Longstone - Exmoor Walks Exmoor Walks

How long are the walks?
There are no rules about where or how far we walk. Details of route, distance and refreshment arrangements are worked out with you in advance, leaving you free of unwanted responsibility on the day. You tell me how far you want to walk and what kind of things you would like to see and I work it out, after all it's your holiday! From the time you first contact me until your party are reflecting on their day over a hot cuppa or a cold pint I will make it my priority to give you a safe, enjoyable day suited to you.

How much does it cost?
My charges are by the day or half day for parties of up to 15 people:
Party size 15 or less: £80 full day, £55 half day.
(Yes, if there are ten in your group the whole day costs only £8 each!)
I make no charges for advice, planning or for anything else but my guiding services on the day.

Exmoor Walks Exmoor Walks

May I recommend that, when you visit Exmoor, you leave the car behind for at least one day? Pleasant as it is to tour the roads and villages in our cars, Exmoor rewards the walker best of all. When we walk we can give our full attention to the details of scenery and the rich variety of plants and animals; decisions such as where to go and where to park have already been taken, and walking is much more than snatches of scenery through a windscreen- rather it is a lasting experience engaging all of the senses.

Exmoor is a very beautiful, varied and fascinating place. Many of Exmoor's most intriguing spots are not accessible by road, but only on foot or horseback. I have enjoyed showing 'my' Exmoor to thousands of people, and received many accolades from delighted clients. If you would like to discuss a day out or a holiday, or would simply like to find out more, please just call me on 01271 830780, or email me at richard@exmoorwalks.co.uk.

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Exmoor Walks